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Welcome to Discord Resources Wiki

So what is this thing?

The founder of this project, Rydix#1726, had been looking for a good and handy list of Discord resources that would cover topics from basic knowledge to advanced utilities; a list that all Discord users, from beginners to proficient, will find useful. But no such list could be found.

And so, an idea struck! With the help of a few friends who know their way around Discord, together the Discord Resources Wiki was created. The project ended up taking months of research, organisation and design work to become what it is today, and we hope you'll find it useful.

As of 7.10.2023, project is now lead and maintained by jantsop.

What am I seeing here?

We group together similar resources under common categories and topics, accessible on the left on desktop or with the menu icon on mobile. Each resource has a brief description of what it is, followed by the link to where it may be accessed as well as credits to the creators.

This site will be continuously and frequently updated as we come across more resources that would be of help to Discord users across the platform!


We are not affiliated with Discord in any way.

This site is an aggregate of most resources we could come across and is not a fully exhaustive list by all means. We do not claim rights or ownership to any of the resources listed here, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. All credits to resource creators are listed in the “credits” section of each link.

We try our best to credit users wherever possible, however, we recognise that some resources may have incorrect or incomplete credits. If you find any such resource, please get in touch so that we may rectify the issue.

All of our branding and assets are owned by us and are created by rjt_rockx. You may not use our branding for your own personal use or projects without our explicit permission.

Personal Note

Although optional, we would really appreciate being credited if we were of help to you. We try our best to research links, organise resources and curate them on the website, and what you see is a culmination of months of our effort.

Help your friends, mutuals, community members and more by sharing this project with them too!