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Found an error or a typo? Have a good resource that fits this list? Become a contributor and be on the glorious list of contributors below!
To contribute, you are more than welcome to PR this wiki or send a DM to Rydix#1726 in order to edit the wiki, and yourself into the list. You can also join the Official Project Guild to contribute there.


This project took more than one set of hands, and we are proud to have this team of contributors who helped us with this project!
We want to thank:
acomplicatedtree - Wiki Maintainer
ayal - Redirect Owner
lulalaby - Website Maintainer
shoaibsajid1 - Wiki Architect
deividaskaza - Wiki fixer
dydestroyer - GitHub Manager / Documentation Organizer
eny - Resources Researcher / Maintainer
ethan.mod - Documentation Organizer
jantsop - Website Maintainer
realkessa - Resources Researcher / Maintainer
smeagol2069 - Resources Researcher / Maintainer
not_enough_odin - Project Manager / Documentation Organizer
aphriu - Resources Researcher / Documentation Organizer
rjt_rockx - Designer - Website Architect / Documentation Organizer
ravy - Growth Consulting / Resource Curator
Rydix#1726 - I had this idea and did all of the above
sudo - Redirect Owner
iam2lost - PreMiD Presence Maker
nickyux - Maintainer
yeikzy - Maintainer
accsmurf - Maintainer
dominikdev - Maintainer
seandev - Maintainer

How to test changes locally

Got a great PR going but don't know what it looks like? Not a problem!

Requirements are:
Node.js version >= 18.12.1

If you are using Yarn:
Yarn version >= 1.22.19

Fork the GitHub repo and then clone it locally.

git clone

Then, open the Discord-Resources-Wiki directory and run the following command:

npm install

This downloads all the repositories needed by our documentation system (Docusaurus). You only need to run this once.

To see usernames like on the website, you must create new Discord application and make it as a Bot. Follow this link to create a new application.

To get your freshly made bot token, go to your application settings and click on the "Bot" tab. Click on the "Token" button and you will see your bot token.

Now create new file called .env in the root directory and paste the following:


Save the file.

To test your changes locally, run the following command:

npm start

This command starts the web server (localhost:3000 by default) and must be ran every time you want to start editing. It does not need to be ran for every change you make however, as Docusaurus will automatically restart the server if it detects changes!

Once you've got a running instance of the website locally, you're ready to start contributing! Notes: Please use <br/> for line break characters.