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The Basics

Discord Terms of Service

Description: Discord’s Terms of Service is a policy you must agree to when using its platform.
It includes information ranging from intellectual property rights to account termination.
Link: Terms Of Service

Discord Privacy Policy

Description: Discord's privacy policy regarding users' information.
Link: Discord Privacy Policy

Discord Community Guidelines

Description: Discord’s Community Guidelines clarify restrictions and limitations within its platform.
It ensures everyone has a positive experience and that users act in a well-behaved, disciplined manner.
Link: Community Guidelines

Discord Blog

Description: Discord’s Blog features announcements, updates, tutorials, and resources; all Discord related.
Link: Discord Blog

Discord Subreddit

Description: The unofficial Discord Subreddit.
Link: Discord Subreddit

Discord X (Twitter) Page

Description: The official Discord page on Twitter.
Link: Discord X (Twitter) Page

Discord TikTok Page

Description: The official Discord account on TikTok.
Link: Discord TikTok Page

Discord YouTube Channel

Description: The official Discord channel on YouTube.
Link: Discord YouTube Channel

Discord Help Center

Description: An official Discord navigation page full with useful support articles on every topic.
Link: Discord Help Center

Discord Safety Center

Description: A page that provides information about internet privacy & information for parents and educators about how to protect themselves/their children online.
Link: Discord Safety Center

Client Downloads

Description: All official downloadable Discord clients. (Download Discord!)
Link: Discord Clients