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Best Discord Bots



Description: Zeppelin is a private moderation bot for Discord, designed with large servers and reliability in mind.
Zeppelin Website
Setup Tool
Credit(s): Dragory#0001 DEX#9630


Description: Multi function, general moderation bot.
Invite GiselleBot
Credit(s): cycloptux#1543 NaviKing#3820


Vortex is a bot designed to keep your server safe and your staff team organized. Its moderation and logging suite keep track of your members and keep your moderators accountable. Its auto-moderator capabilities also allow it to filter out certain types of behaviour without the need for human intervention, lightening the load of the staff team. Finally, Vortex is designed to be fast and easy to use.
Link: Vortex
Credit: jagrosh#4824


Description: Trustworthy general moderation bot.
GearBot Website
Invite GearBot
Credit: AEnterprise#4693


Description: A good moderation and utility bot which is always up-to-date.
Fire Website
Invite Fire
Credit: Geek#9999


Description: General auto-moderation bot, with buttons and dropdowns.
Link: AutoModerator Website
Credit: DD#0003 Tommyfoxy2#0001


Description: Multi - purpose bot with many regulary updated features.
Sapphire Website
Invite Sapphire
Credit: Xge#9480


Description: Beemo is an anti-spam Discord bot that allows you to equip your server with a powerful anti-bot algorithm that operates in the background to stop user-bot raids against your server. Beemo's anti-bot mitigates bot raid threats automatically and effectively by mass-banning them on-sight with a fine-tuned detection algorithm that avoids real users.
Link: Website
Credit: Ayu#0001

Beemo Helper (addition)

Description: Beemo Helper is designed to help Beemo ( deal with user bot raids. Once Beemo detects a raid, Beemo Helper will start banning users from Beemo Logs from the bottom up, effectively doubling the speed of bans.
Credit: Polar#6880

Red Bot

Description: Red is a fully modular bot – meaning all features and commands can be enabled/disabled to your liking, making it completely customizable. This is a self-hosted bot – meaning you will need to host and maintain your own instance. You can turn Red into an admin bot, music bot, trivia bot, and more!
Link: Red Bot

Description: Crosslink is a smart link detection and reputation service built to make link filtering convenient for moderators and community managers. With convenience at the forefront, configuration on Discord is made to be as simple as possible for the end user. Our reputation system takes third parties into account as well as our own local domain database to keep your community safe! Link(s): Website
Invite CrossLink
Full Docs
Credit: Panley#8008

Description: A bot that can detect a variety of scam (Nitro scams, Steam scams, and many others), explicit links, and more with a custom internal API that uses AI to constantly improve detection.
Link: Safelink
Credit: kaj#0001 Cole#8888


Description: Fish is a bot made for auto-moderating phishing scam links. It has a few configuration options, like what action to take when a user posts a known scam link and the ability to exempt users/roles from link detection.
Invite Fish
Credit: Ben!#0002


Description: A moderation bot that uses AI to detect and log toxicity towards another user, nsfw content and profanity. Offers some statistics on your servers health based on the logs.
Link: OterluBot
Credit: SleepTwitch#4783 Alex (Oterlu AI)#6431


Dragory's ModMail (self-host)

Description: Modmail Bot is a bot for Discord that allows users to DM the bot to contact the server's moderators/staff without messaging them individually or pinging them publicly on the server. These DMs get relayed to ModMail threads, channels where staff members can reply to and talk with the user. To the user, the entire process happens in DMs with the bot.
Config Template
Credit(s): Dragory#0001 NaviKing#3820

Kyb3r's Modmail (self-host)

Description: Modmail is similar to Reddit's ModMail, both in functionality and purpose. It serves as a shared inbox for server staff to communicate with their users in a seamless way.
Link: Kyb3r’s Modmail
Credit: Kyber

Support Bot (self-host)

Description: A simple and lightweight Discord support/automated help desk!
Link: Support Bot
Credit: Gideon#4325

Utility Bots


Description: A collection of self-hostable, open-source simple Discord bots.
GitHub Org
Credit: vcokltfre#6868 rjt#2336


Description: Bot with mental health & wellness resources.
Link: RTS Bot
Credit: Joe(GMH)#3906


Description: auto publishes messages in announcements channels.
Link: Invite Publisher
Credit: Ben!#0002

Activities Bot

Description: Starts activities available for voice channels.
Link: Invite Activities Bot
Credit: advaith#9121


Description: Easy-to-use bot to have buttons and dropdowns based reaction roles in your server.
Reaction Docs
Invite Reaction
Credit: Kelwing#0001


Description: One of the first bots on Discord, with dozenz of utility commands.
Invite R.Danny
R.Danny Source
Credit: Danny#0007

Discord Status (webhook)

Description: Provides updates from the status website as embeds within Discord.
Link: Invite Discord Status
Credit: Ben!#0002

Datamining Updates

Description: The bot publishes any authorized commits in Discord Datamining.
Invite Datamining Updates
Datamining Website
Credit: Rauf#3543 NurMarvin#1337

Jagrosh's Music Bot (self-host)

Description: A music bot with step to step guide on self hosting.
Link: Jagrosh's Music Bot
Credit: jagrosh#4824

Tone Indicator Bot

Description: Find and understand tone indicators.
Link: Invite Tone Indicator
Credit: Teekeks#0001

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Description: Assists with helping host and manage AMA's on Discord.
Link: AMA Bot
Credit: DD#0003 Tommyfoxy2#0001


Description: Suggester is a suggestion-focused Discord bot whose main purpose is to allow server managers to receive feedback from their members.
Link(s): Invite Suggester
Suggester Docs
Credit: Brightness#0001 Ben!#0002


Description: Pushes the NSFW toggle. Useful for Mobile and especially iOS where it is not possible.
Link: Invite NSFW-Toggle
Credit: Ben!#0002


Description: A bot that keeps all threads active, unless manually archived.
Link(s): Invite ThreadPersist
Self-Host ThreadPersist
Credit: vcokltfre#6868


Description: Automatically remove user join messages when the user leaves the server.
Link(s): Invite CleanLeave
Self-Host CleanLeave
Credit: vcokltfre#6868

Iris XP

Description: Easy to use, fully customisable XP bot.
Link: Invite Iris XP
Credit: Teekeks#0001

Discord Invite Tracker (self-host)

Description: Track the invites in your servers to know who invited who and with which invite.
Link: Discord Invite Tracker
Credit: Androz#2091


Description: Create good looking widgets for your websites.
Link: WidgetBot
Credit: WidgetBot


Description: Utility bot for stuff users can't do, like opening activites, locking emotes and finding games.
Link: Invite Wumplus
Credit: Lost Paul#3453 Sebastian24#4619


Description: Antouto is a bot that lets you get extensive information about discord invites, servers, users, build overrides, and more!
Link: Invite Antouto
Credit: Antouto#3261


Description: A bot able to record one or more voice channels or stage channel at the time.
Craig Website
Invite Craig
Credit: Yahweasel#6978

Tunes Ninja

Description: When a song link is posted in chat, Tunes Ninja will send an embed with the song in all popular music platforms.
Link: Tunes Ninja Website
Credit: jack_#0456


Description: A bot that allows tracking of your bot's performance, get notifications when service incidents are detected.
Link: StatusBot
Credit: kaj#0001


Description: Create custom forms for your server and send submissions to a channel of your choice using webhooks.
Link: Demo, Documentation and Invite Link
Credit: Antouto#3261

Emoji Guardian

Description: Manages emojis with various API - only commands.
Emoji Guardian Website
Invite Emoji Guardian
Credit: Danu#4422 Lost Paul#3453

Fun Bots

Truth Or Dare

Description: A bot for playing Truth Or Dare, Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather.
Invite Truth Or Dare
Truth Or Dare Website
Credit: Coding#0001


Description: A simulation bot where you own & manage a taco shack.
Invite TacoShack
TackShack Support
Credit: Cole#7575