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Information & Lists

Unofficial Discord API Docs

Description: Unofficial documentation for Undocumented Discord APIs. Also contains an outline of Discord's infrastructure.
Link: Unofficial Discord API Docs
Credit: luna

Largest Discord Bots

Description: An easy-to-read list of the top 25 Discord bots by server count.
Link: Largest Discord Bots
Credit: advaith

Largest Discord Bots (extended version)

Description: A haste link with the 600 biggest bots on Discord, including growth stats.
Links: Get the haste ID from here, then paste it here instead of "ID".
Credit: unbelievable

All Official Discord Bots

Description: A list that contains all the bots that were made officially by Discord.
Link: All Official Bots
Credit: generalsadaf

List of Libraries

Description: List of all Discord API libraries and their features.
Link: List Of Libraries
Credit: advaith

Discord API Libs

Description: A list of all the Discord API libraries.
Link: Discord API Libs
Credit: apacheli

Library Rest & WS Coverage Comparisons

Description: A giant feature comparison for what various Discord API libraries do both over REST and WS.
(also check Discord API unofficial for docs and libraries)
Link: Library Rest & WS Coverage Comparisons

Discord Gateway Intents Explainer

Description: Info about Discord bot intents.
Link: Discord Gateway Intents Explainer
Credit: advaith

Best Bot Practices

Description: Best practices for Discord bots.
Link: Best Discord Bot Practices
Credit: meew0

Discord Bots

Description: A list of publicly available Discord bots.
Link: Discord Bots
Credit: Discord Bots’ site team meew0

List of Bot Lists (BotBlocks)

Description: A centralized list of Discord bot lists.
Link: Bots Lists List


Description: Get statistics about your Discord bot.
Link: DStat
Credit: index.ts

An Idiot's Guide

Description: The unofficial Discord.js beginner's guide, written by idiots for beginners.
Link: An Idiot's Guide
Credit: An Idiot's Guide