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Discord Nitro DiscordNitro

Description: This badge indicates that a member has subscribed to Discord Nitro Classic or Discord Nitro. Rolling your mouse over it indicates the date of subscription. It disappears at the end of the Nitro subscription.
Link: Discord Nitro

Server Boost ServerBoost

Description: This badge is awarded to users who have Discord Nitro (10$) and boost a server. It disappears as soon as the boost ends or is cancelled.
Link: Server Boost

HypeSquad House Bravery Balance Brillance

Description: At any time it is possible to join one of these three houses by answering the questionnaire available in the Discord settings under the category "HypeSquad" on computer.
Link: HypeSquad

Early Supporter EarlySupporter

Description: It had been given to everyone who had Discord Nitro before October 10, 2018 at 7:20pm. It was a gift to thank the early supporters of Discord.
Link: Early Supporter

Active Developer EarlySupporter

Description: This badge entitles you to be declared an active Discord bot developer.
Link: Active Developer

Early Verified Bot Developer EarlyDev

Description: This badge was given to everyone who had a bot verified by Discord. It had to be on a minimum of 75 servers to be eligible. Like the previous one, this badge has become unobtainable for verifications requested after August 19, 2020, because of numerous abuses by some Discord users.
Link: Early Verified Bot Developer

Moderator Programs Alumni CertifiedDiscordModerator

Description: This badge can no longer be earned in any way. The Moderator Ecosystem Program was a former program designed to reward good moderators who passed a review with a regular presence on the Moderator Mentorship Community, Discord Moderator Discord (DMD) and Discord Moderator Program (DMP) servers from the link below.
Link: Discord Moderation

Bug Hunter Lvl1 Lvl2

Description: These two badges are given to reward members who actively participate in bug hunting on Discord or users who report security flaws to the Discord bug bounty.
Link: Bug Bounty

HypeSquad Events HypeSquadEvents

Description: This badge is reserved for HypeSquad members who attend conventions (HypeSquad Event Attendees) or who organize events such as a convention, college club, etc. (HypeSquad Event Coordinators). (HypeSquad Event Coordinators). It opens the door to a secret HypeSquad server.
Link: HypeSquad Events

Partnered Server Owner Discord Partner

Description: Anyone can apply, but the server must meet certain conditions, which are accessible, like the application, directly in the server settings.
Link: Discord Partner

Discord Staff Discord Staff

Description: This badge is reserved for Discord employees. It is possible to apply on the specific Discord page, but it is necessary to be able to work in their premises and of course to speak English.
Link: Discord Staff