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Official Discord Links

Discord Website

Description: Imagine a place… where links were not so long.
Link: Discord Website

How to Report

Description: A guide on how to properly report issues to Discord’s Trust and Safety team.
Link: How To Report | DMA Article

How to get user IDs

Description: A guide on how to find IDs.
Link: How To Get User/Server/Message IDs

Discord Testers Bug Tool

Description: The official tool for generating text for DBug's !submit command. The form guides you step by step through every input to automatically generate a command for you at the end.
Link: Testers Bug Tool
Credit: auralytical

Discord Testing Clients

Description: A guide on downloading and using Discord testing clients for all platforms.
Link: Testing Clients

Discord Community Resources

Description: Resources for setting up and maintaining a community server.
Link: Community Resources

Discord Moderator Academy

Description: Discord’s official resources for moderators, written by moderators.
Link: Discord Moderator Academy

Discord Libraries Servers List

Description: A Reddit wiki page that lists all of the Discord API libraries.
Link: Discord Libraries Servers List

Discord Open Source

Description: This is the source list of OSS communities that use and live on Discord.
Link(s): Discord Open Source
Discord Open Source Github

Discord Branding

Description: Discord’s branding assets and guidelines.
Discord Branding
Discord Dribbble Page

Discord Nitro

Description: Information about Nitro subscriptions.
Link: Discord Nitro

Discord Status Page

Description: Provides information on the current status of the Discord services.
Link: Status Page

Discord Developer Portal

Description: The main website for developers to manage their apps, teams, OAuth2 scopes and more.
Link: Discord Developer Portal

Discord Developer Docs

Description: The documents detailing how all types of interactions are handled, and a resource for bot developers.
Link: Discord Developer Docs

Discord Security Bug Bounties

Description: The place to submit security vulnerabilities within Discord.
Link: Discord Security Bug Bounties

Latest Transparency Report

Description: The most recent update on the security team’s actions and terminations.
Link: Latest Transparency Report

Discord’s (new) Media Kit

Description: Discord’s official assets.
Discord (New) Media Kit - Direct Download
Discord Branding Page

Discord Developer Help Center

Description: An official Discord navigation page with support articles for developers.
Link: Developer Help Center

Discord Blog RSS Feed

Description: Official RSS Feed of Discords Blog.
Link: Blog RSS Feed

Discord Embed Debugger

Description: Test and debug link embeds for your website.
Link: Discord Embed Debugger