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Timestamp Converters


Description: Pick a date, copy the desired timestamp from the Chat syntax column, then paste it anywhere in a chat message.
The result will be a dynamic timestamp that displays differently for everyone based on their own timezone.
Link: HammerTime
Credit: djdavid98

Snow-Stamp (Snowflake to Timestamp Converter)

Description: Converts a user’s snowflake into the timestamp the account was created.
Link: Snow-Stamp
Credit: vegeta897


Description: A useful website to generate date and time formatting Markdown for Discord. Supports all the formatting options that Discord does, as well as shows a preview of how it would look in Discord.
Link: DateTimeCord
Credit: rosasaur

Alfred time converters plugins

Description: Alfred plugins to convert time to timestamps and vice versa.
Credit: hilbertgilbertson

Epoch Converter (Epoch & Unix timestamp conversion tools)

Description: Converts a given time into a Unix timestamp.
Link: Epoch Converter

Unix Timestamps Decoder

Description: Decodes a Unix timestamp into a standard MM/DD/YYYY format.
Link: Unix Timestamp Decoder

File Converters


Description: EzGif is An online tool full with media-related utilities.
Link: EzGif

Text Formatting Tools

Description: A website for converting various text formats.
Link: Text Formatting Tools

Discord Txt

Description: Used to view .txt files that have been uploaded to Discord.
Link: Discord Txt

File Converter

Description: Convert file types to others.
Link: File Converter
Credit: @Tichau

Color Replacer

Description: Replace a specific colour of an image.
Link: Color Replacer

SVG Converters

Description: High-quality SVG converter.
Link: SVG Converters

SVG Viewer

Description: View SVG files.
Link: SVG Viewer

YouTube Downloader

Description: Download a YouTube video as a file using its URL (either audio only or video).
Link: YouTube Downloader
Credit: tpcstld

Lottie Image Resizer

Description: Lottie image resize so you can get your Lottie files ≤320px.
Link: Lottie Image Resizer

.gif to .apng

Description: Converts .gif files to .apng files.
Link: .gif To .apng

HTML Color Codes

Description: A site that converts a color into hex code and vice versa.
Link: HTML Color Codes

Image Color Picker

Description: Upload an image and get a specific hex code for a color in the picture.
Link: Image Color Picker


Description: Remove any background from an image.
Link: Removebg

Description: Remove background from images of humans, animals, or objects, and download high-resolution images for free.

Description: Remove any objects, people, text, or defects from your pictures.

Video Compressor

Description: A video compressor designed to compress your videos to the perfect size for Discord upload. It comes with three options which are 8MB, 50MB, and 100MB, which fit various upload restrictions.
Link: Video Compressor

Remove Background

Description: Remove image backgrounds automatically in 5 seconds with just one click. Don't spend hours manually picking pixels. Upload your photo now & see the magic.
Link: Remove Background