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Material Design Icons

Description: A collection of icons centered around material design, allowing for custom format, size, and color.
Link: Material Design Icons
Credit: Austin Andrews

Google Fonts Icons

Description: A collection of common icons based on web actions, provided by Google.
Link: Google Fonts Icons
Credit: Google

Branding Style Guides

Description: A collection of different companies branding, including Discords.
Link: Branding Style Guides

Evernote Design Bookmarks

Description: A list of bookmarks for everything design-resources.
Link: Evernote Design


Description: A list of simple icons, including brand icons.
Link: Simpleicons


Description: Hand-crafted SVG icons.
Link: Heroicons


Description: Color schemes generator.
Link: Coolors

The Noun Project

Description: Over 3 million community-contributed icons along with icon customization and an API.
Link: The Noun Project

Adobe Color

Description: A color theme creator with connectivity across Adobe products.
Link: Adobe Color

Open Color

Description: An open-source color scheme and library set optimized for user interfaces.
Link: Open Color
Credit: heeyeun

Teeny Icons

Description: A set of minimal 1px icons.
Link: Teeny Icons
CREDIT: Teenyicons


Description: Over 100k icons, illustrations, and emojis.
Link: Streamline

Feather Icons

Description: Simple, open-source icons.
Link: Feather Icons
Credit: Feather


Description: Minimal, consistent UI icons.
Link: Spectrum

Font Awesome

Description: Vector icons and social logos.
Link: Font Awesome
Credit: Font Awesome


Description: Icons, illustrations, photos, music, and design tools.
Link: ICONS8


Description: Free, open-source illustrations.
Link: Feather Icons


Description: A simple drawing app.
Link: tldraw


Description: Free vectors, stock photos, and PSD.
Link: Freepik

Stack Sorted

Description: Find Inspiration in Design Elements.
Link: Stack Sorted

UI Colors

Description: Generate, edit, save and share Tailwind CSS color shades based on a given hexcode or HSL color.
Link: UI Colors

Realtime Colors

Description: Visualize your color palettes on a real website.
Link: Realtime Colors


Description: Create professional animated content with Jitter. Use it to design on-brand animated UIs, videos, social media posts, websites, apps, logos and more.
Link: Jitter


Description: Powerful animated icon library with 8,900+ free and premium animated Lottie animations. Download icons as Lottie JSON, GIF, or static SVG files.
Link: LordIcon


Description: Fontshare is a free fonts service from the Indian Type Foundry (ITF), making quality fonts accessible to all.
Link: Fontshare