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Discord Related

Alternatives to MEE6

Description: A list of Discord bots that can be used in place of MEE6.
Link: Alternatives To MEE6
Credit: cmddata

All Discord Permissions

Description: A list of all the permissions available for users.
Link: All Discord Permissions

Discord Tools

Description: A collection of Discord tools for power users to analyse your guilds, get information on snowflakes, or even see the current status of Discord. Get the number of guilds your account is in, see how many servers you own, moderate, and are partnered with, and show lists of all servers in the categories above as well as a list of all servers.
Link: Discord Tools
Credit: thijsdev

Discord Lookup

Description: Easy to use tool to lookup users, guilds, invites, and get information about your guild list with stats, server experiment rollouts, features, and permissions view.
Link: Discord Lookup
Credit: felix

Discord Recap

Description: A tool to explore your Discord data package - originally inspired by Androz2091's Discord Data Package Explorer, but with a lot more details.
Link: Discord Recap
Credit: David B. Maier

Discord Data Package Explorer

Description: Explore your Discord data easily.
Discord Data Package Explorer
Discord Data Package Explorer V2
Credit: androz2091 Peter

Discord Simple Avatar Maker

Description: A site to make simple Discord avatars.
Link: Discord Simple Avatar Maker
Credit: Christian Reichart

Discord Emoji Downloader

Description: This little tool will allow you to download a ZIP archive with all emojis from a Discord server.
Link: Discord Emoji Downloader
Credit: tiemen

Discord Embed Previewer

Description: A chrome-only extension to preview your website's embeds generated by Open-Graph tags without having to deploy it or deal with Discord's cache.
Link: Discord Embed Previewer
Credit: johnythecarrot

Discord Friends Graph Maker

Description: Make a graph of your friends and their relations.
Discord Friends Graph Maker
Discord Friends Graph Maker Client Version
Credit: Deleted User 3efc6e52#3361 arhsm

Discord Servers Comparations

Description: Compare stats between Discord servers.
Link: Discord Servers Comparations
Credit: tiemen

Slash Commands GUI

Description: Graphical User Interface to explore Slash Commands of your bot, built on Vue 3 and TailwindCSS.
Link: Slash Commands GUI
Credit: androz2091

Discord Server Card Generator

Description: Generate a server card you can copy for your email signatures.
Link: Discord Server Card Generator
Credit: geisterfurz007

Discord Flags

Description: A document full with all Discord flags and their meanings.
Link: Discord Flags
Credit: lewisakura

Dragory's Avatar Preview

Description: This is an avatar preview tool used to optimise your avatar between both light and dark themes.
Link: Dragory’s Avatar Preview
Credit: dragory

Dragory's Role Colour Preview

Description: This is a role colour preview tool used to optimise your role colours between both light and dark themes.
Link: Dragory’s Role Colour Preview
Credit: dragory

Experiments Rollouts

Description: Shows the current Discord experiments and their rollout percentage.
Link: Experiments Rollouts | List of Experiments
Credit: advaith 11pixels

Find a Guild

Description: Find a guild using its ID, by replacing ‘GUILD_ID’ (provided it has widgets on).
Link: Find a Guild

Find Guild Features

Description: Check the features of a guild via an instant invite code.
Link: Find Guild Features

Jagrosh's GitHub -> Discord Webhook Guide

Description: A guide to integrate your GitHub projects to a Discord channel.
Link: Jagrosh'S GitHub -> Discord Webhook Guide
Credit: jagrosh

Jagrosh's Twitter -> Discord Webhook Guide

Description: A guide to integrate your Twitter posts to a Discord channel.
Link: Jagrosh'S GitHub -> Discord Webhook Guide
Credit: jagrosh

Mozzy's Log Sorter

Description: An easy log parser that supports multiple different bot logs that allows you to grab user IDs from big sections of logs.
Link: Mozzy’s Log Sorter
Credit: mozzy


Description: A tool to create a unique status/about me page using colores squares.
Link: Discordstatus
Credit: warze


Description: PreMiD is a simple, configurable utility that allows you to show what you're doing on the web in your Discord "now playing status".
Link: PreMiD

Presence Maker

Description: Create Discord rich presence with this tool.
Link: Presence Maker

Rauf's Guild Count

Description: Counts the number of guilds you’re in.
Link: Rauf's Guild Count
Credit: rosasaur

Rauf's Slash Command Generator

Description: An easy to use slash command tool which allows bot developers to create slash commands quickly.
Link: Rauf's Slash Command Generator
Credit: rosasaur


Description: A server that has a collection of announcement channels you can follow for many status pages (including Discord, Cloudflare, GitHub, Hypixel & more) so you can be one of the first to know when one of your favourite service(s) have issues.
Link: Server Invite


Description: A guild with free to use emotes.
Link: Server Invite
Credit: dhanish_danu

Sylveon's Ban Appeal Website (self-host)

Description: Sample ban appeals page with OAuth2 integration.
Link: Sylveon’s Ban Appeal Website
Credit: sylveon

Rauf's Embeds Generator

Description: Generate embeds using this site.
Link: Rauf's Embeds Generator
Credit: rosasaur

Webhooks Creator

Description: A site to create webhooks with.
Link: Webhooks Creator

Google forms -> Discord Webhook

Description: Sends a Google Form response to a Discord channel using webhooks.
Link Google forms -> Discord Webhook
Credit: m4ngo.

Scratch For Discord

Description: Make a Discord bot using blocks with no coding required.
Link: Scratch For Discord
Credit: androz2091

Zeppelin in Docker

Description: Easy setup to self-host the moderation bot Zeppelin in docker.
Link: Zeppelin In Docker
Credit: index.ts

ANSI Code Block Guide

Description: A quick breakdown of how to use ANSI color codes to add color to your code blocks.
ANSI Code Block Guide
ANSI Code Block Guide (2)
Credit: Krypton Christian Petersen

Discord Colored Text Generator

Description: Generate colored ANSI text for Discord.
Link: Discord Colored Text Generator
Credit: rebane2001

Rebane's Discord Pin Compressor

Description: A simple app that converts Discord pins to Discord messages.
Link: Discord Pin Compressor
Credit: rebane2001

Simple Discord Cache Cleaner

Description: A simple to the point Discord cache manager written in java.
Link: Simple Discord Cache Cleaner
Credit: aninoss

Discord Role Icon Creator

Description: A website that allows users to make simple looking role icons for their servers.
Link: Discord Icon
Credit: enzo

Description: Create your own role icons for your Discord server. Customize your server's icon, and create your own custom roles. It's free! Try it now!
Link: DiscoTools
Credit: enzostvs

Discord AutoMod Regexes

Description: A collection of regex rules that can be used with Discord's AutoMod filters. This is not affiliated with Discord.
Link: Discord AutoMod Regexes
Credit: 1danielc