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Blank Characters

Description: A list of blank Unicode characters.
Link: Blank Charcaters


Description: Open source password manager.
Link: Bitwarden


Description: A server list of blob emojis.
Link: Blobs
Credit: lostluma


Description: URL testing lists intended to help in testing URL censorship, divided by country codes.
Link: CitizenLab


Description: ClearURLs is an add-on based on the new WebExtensions technology and will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy.
CleanUrls Docs
Credit: Kevin


Description: Polywork is a professional social network that lets users create a free personal webpage, share what they're up to both personally and professionally, and send collaboration requests to others.
Link: Polywork


Description: Rize is an intelligent time tracker that improves your focus and helps you build better work habits.
Link: Rize


Description: File manager for Windows, focused on design.
Link: Files

One Commander

Description: File manager for Windows, focused on productivity.
Link: One Commander


Description: Build one-page websites.
Link: Carrd

Down for Everyone or Just Me

Description: A site that checks if a domain is up.
Link: Down for Everyone or Just Me

KeyCDN Tools

Description: Many tools related to web, networking and security checkings.
Link: KeyCDN Tools


Description: Tool to find data breaches that contain the username, email, IP, address, phone, vin, etc.
Link: Dehashed

Terms Of Service ; Didn't Read

Description: Summarized terms of service for all known companies.
Link: Terms Of Service ; Didn't Read


Description: Easy to use tool for finding timezones all across the globe.
Link: TimezoneWizard


Description: Tidying up your online security, step by step.
Link: C.O.A.C.H

Empty Characters

Description: List and methods to Unicode empty characters.
Link: Empty Characters


Description: Collection of lists about various topics.
Link: Awesome
Credit: Sindre Sorhus

Internet Slang

Description: A list of slang used across the internet.
Link: Internet Slang


Description: Watch movies, YouTube, or even listen to music together through a shared virtual browser.
Link: Invited


Description: An advanced note-taking app.
Link: Obsidian


Description: Manage collaborative projects easily.
Link: Trello


Description: A product for creating workflows and websites, fully customizable for your needs.
Link: Notion


Description: Open-source content management tool.
Link: Tina

Nord Theme

Description: An arctic-inspired color palette and theme collection for various sites and applications.
Link: Nord Theme

Pronoun Island

Description: A website for personal pronoun usage examples.
Link: Pronoun Island


Description: Pronouns intergration for websites and apps.
Link: ProunounDB
Credit: sleepycat

Description: Information about nonbinary and gender neutral language.


Description: Free vector icons and stickers for your projects. Resources made by and for designers.
Link: Flaticon


Description: Free online image editor.
Link: Photopea

Random Sites

Description: Generates a small list of random website URLs.
Link: Random Sites


Description: Screen capture, file sharing, and productivity tool.
Link: ShareX
Credit: jaex

Description: A tool to "LGBTQ+fy" your images.
Credit: kelwing vladdy


Description: Statistics and business data platform for over 170 industries.
Link: Statista

Semantic Scholar

Description: Semantic Scholar uses AI to help you find scientific articles without suffering information overload.
Link: Semantic Scholar

Simple Analytics

Description: Simple, clean, and friendly analytics for sites.
Link: Simple Analytics


Description: Query, visualize, alert on, and understand your data with aesthetic dashboards.
Link: Grafana

The LaTeX Project

Description: LaTeX is a document preparation system, useful for scientific or technical documents.
Link: The LaTeX Project
Credit: The LaTeX Project

Web Archives

Description: Explore web pages saved over time.
Web Archives


Description: AlternativeTo is a crowd-sourced website that seeks to find alternate software for various purposes.
Link: AlternativeTo

Internet Download Manager

Description: A Tool that makes downloading videos and files through the browser easy.
Link: Download Internet Download Manager

Whois Lookup

Description: Lookup information about domains or IP addresses.
Link: Whois Lookup

Status Page

Description: Communicate real-time status to your members.
Link: Status Page

Tone Indicators Website

Description: Find and understand text tone indicators.
Link: Tone Indicators

URL Scanner

Description: Scans URLs and gives details about them.
Link: URL Scan

URL Expander

Description: Expand short URLs.
Link: URL Expander


Description: Image scaling and noise reduction for anime-style art.
Link: waifu2x

True Size

Description: A global map where you can drag and drop landmasses to see better comparisons of size.
Link: True Size

Visual Center

Description: Find the visual center of your images.
Link: Visual Center
Credit: Javier Bórquez

Lightmode is Necessary

Description: An article explaining why light mode is an important to software.
Link: Article


Description: Open Source E2E encrypted Email Service.
Link: ProtonMail


Description: dCode is a universal website used for encoding and decoding messages. Also offers a bunch of related tools.
Link: dCode Website

Computer Hope

Description: Free computer help and support.
Link: ComputerHope

Skill Icons

Description: Showcase languages, frameworks, and tools used on a GitHub profile.
Link: Skill Icons
Credit: thijsdev


Description: Download any content from popular sites.
Link: Savefrom


Description: Tixte is a content-sharing platform that makes it easy to share files with anyone through personalized links and pages.
Link: Tixte
Credit: cole