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Phishing Related

Discord Nitro Scams

Description: This safe and secure website (not a scam) compares real Discord Nitro gifts to scams. Beware!
Link: Discord Nitro Information

Virus Total

Description: Virus Total analyses suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware.
Link: Virus Total


Description: ClearURLs is an add-on based on the new WebExtensions technology and will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy.
CleanUrls Docs
Credit: Kevin

Description: GitHub repositories full of scam links.
Block List Project
ZeroTwo Bot List
Jagrosh's List
Pihole Blocklist
Elkbr's List
WalshyDev's List

Description: Self explanatory. 🔢
Link: Malicious Links Database

Phishing Recognizing Tools

Description: Many tools to help you recognize phishing and compromised sites.
Google Safety Checker
BrightCloud URL Lookup
Is It Hacked
URL Void
IP Void
Sucuri Web Page Security Check
URL Scan
McAfee URL Checker
IP Logger URL Checker

Phishing APIs

Description: These are APIs and tools to handle phishing attempts.
Got Phish
Hyperphish (credit: vcokltfre#6868)
Phish Report
SinkingYachts (credit: nwunder#4003)
Anti - Fish API (credit: ByteAlex#2706)
Spoopy Detector (credit: Oceanlord#0001)
Phish Tank
Blacklisted Domains
Malware & URL Scanner
Azrael Phish API (credit: TheCuteFoxxy#0001)
Walshy's API


Phisherman is a centralized database of phishing and scam links. It is designed for use with Discord bots, allowing them to utilise the Phisherman API to cross-check URLs against the Phisherman database.
Phisherman Website

The Vaccinator

Description: A tool for detecting and neutralizing Discord token stealers by deleting their internal Discord webhook.
Note: This tool is not an antivirus. It's just a utility that can help prevent scammers from getting other people's data.
Link: Website
Credit: The Vaccinator Team (contact: nwunder#4003)

Intezer Analyse

Description: Advanced security researching tool to help determine if a file is malicious and much more. (Not entirely free)
Link: Intezer Analyse