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Unofficial Resources

Discord Lists

Description: A giant list of various Discord things, ranging from the domains currently used by Discord, to undocumented user flags, to known activity application ids, to lists of known partner & verified server invites.
Link: Discord Lists
Credit: Delite#0001

Discord For Designers

Description: A site filled with useful resources for designers such as mockups, icons and UI kits.
Link: Discord For Designers
Credit: muatex#0001

Discord Previews

Description: A site filled with the latest Discord news, features, experiments, and updates.
Link: Discord Previews
Credit: NurMarvin#1337

Discord Guild Features

Description: A running list of Discord's guild features with detailed descriptions.
Link: Discord Guild Features
Credit: tech_dude1#0001

List of URLs

Description: A list of all the shortened Discord links.
List Of URLs
List Of URLs 2
Credit: HeroGamers#0900 TheCuteFoxxy#0001

Discord Wiki (fandom)

Description: The unofficial Discord wiki, done in typical wiki style.
Link: Discord Wiki


Description: Allows you to preview embeds and send them via webhooks.
Discohook Utilities
Credit: vivi#1111 shay#0038

Nadeko Embed Builder

Description: Another useful tool for generating discord embeds. This tool exports in JSON format.
Link: Nadeko Embed Builder

List of Stickers

Description: A list of all stickers you gain access to as a Nitro subscriber, including previews and descriptions of stickers.
Link: List Of Stickers
Credit: advaith#9121

All Discord Loading Messages

Description: A github gist full with all Discord loading messages.
Link: All Discord Loading Messages
Credit: advaith#9121

Creating & Growing Communities

Description: A guide made by Jagrosh#4824 to help new server owners to create and grow their communities.
Link: Growing A Discord Server
Credit: jagrosh#4824

Description: List of all discord protocol links.
Note: Discord protocol links can be used in buttons! Check out this discussion for more info. Protocol links don't work on Android, not sure about iOS. (only tel://number works on iOS)
Link: Discord Protocol Links
Credit: ghostrider-05

Discord Build Logger

Description: Site that logs all discord builds.
Link: Discord Build Logger
Credit: Megumin#3530

Discord Markdown Guide

Desciption: An in-depth guide for Discord markdown.
Link: Discord Markdown Guide
Credit: Matthew Ring

All Discord Voice Activities

Description: A list that contains all Discord voice activities and their IDs.
Link: All Discord Voice Activities
Credit: GeneralSadaf#6313

Discord Top Servers Stats

Description: A Docs spreadsheet with hourly members stats of the biggest servers on Discord.
Link: Discord Top Servers Stats

Discord Library

Description: A collection of Discord assets, icons, characters, colors and more.
Link: Discord Library
Credit: bawwub#0001

(more) Discord Assets

Description: A list with all icons from the client.
Link: Discord Assets
Credit: big nutty#0001

Discord Basic Templates (fan - made)

Description: A list of fan-made basic templates to cover most types of communities.
Link: Discord Basic Templates
Credit: srnyx#0001

Discord UI Mockup

Description: Exact copy of the discord client (might be outdated).
Link: Discord UI Mockup
Credit: bawwub#0001

Discord Payloads

Description: All of Discord's payloads.
Link: Discord Payloads
Credit: Victorsitou#7165