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Unofficial Servers

Discord API

Description: A server dedicated to information and assistance with the Discord API.
Link: Discord API
Credit: Discord API team (owned by danny)

Discord Linux

Description: A server dedicated to information and assistance with the Linux version of Discord.
Link: Discord Linux
Credit: Discord Linux team (owned by syretia)

Discord Networking

Description: A place where anyone that helps support the operation of a Discord server can get to know each other, exchange advice, and create lasting partnerships.
Link: Discord Networking (Access request required)
Credit: Discord Networking team (owned by naviking)


Description: The biggest Discord meta community. Get all your Discord news, help, and resources for your community.
Link(s): Displace server | Displace Website
Credit: The Displace team (owned by groovyunicyclist)

Community Architects

Description: We are committed to bringing together community moderators, admins, designers, and more to share and collaborate on building communities.
Link(s): Community Architects Discord | Community Architects Website
Credit: Community Architects team (owned by bawwub)

Moderatoren HQ

Description: Moderatoren HQ (ModHQ) is a German community where moderators and administrators connect and discuss topics around moderating a Discord server. ModHQ specializes in deep dives in the form of Workshops in various topics around building a safe and inclusive community with a knowledgeable and supportive mod team. English speakers are also welcome!
Link: Moderatoren HQ
Credit: ModHQ team (owned by lukas)

The Coding Den

Description: The Coding Den is a friendly community of coders focusing on helping new and experienced programmers alike.
Link: The Coding Den
Credit: The Coding Den team (owned by .obliv1on)

Discord Hotline

Description: A community for moderators to discuss moderation and Discord meta.
Link: (only by referral)
Credit: Discord Hotline team (owned by cryptiklemur)

The Fish Project

Description: Providing early detection of new phishing attacks before they can be used to harm users.
Link: (only by referral) (access request required)
Credit: The Fish Project team (owned by cactusduper)

Dev Hub

Description: A community to bring developers and proficients together to share ideas and talk (Discord) meta.
Link: (only by referral)
Credit: Dev Hub team (owned by

The Programmers Hangout

Description: The Programmers Hangout is a general-purpose programming community with an emphasis on hangout, catering to all experience levels. With a focus on open-source projects, education, learning, career progression, and programming help.
Link(s): The Programmers Hangout | The Programmers Hangout Website
Credit: The Programmers Hangout team (owned by heyimelliott)

Discord Creators (With verification)

Description: Private Community for Verified Bot Devs, ServerOwners & Creators.
Link: Discord Creators
Credit: owned by meister03

Owners Portal (With verification)

Description: A community dedicated to connecting server owners, bot developers, moderators, and digital artists.
Link: Owners Portal
Credit: owned by scrumpy

Discord Bot Owners (With verification)

Description: Private Community for Verified Bot Devs.
Link: Discord Bot Owners
Credit: owned by riks