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Hey Everyone!

We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to contribute to the project though translating the wiki in different languages.

You must speak this language fluently or at a level of C2. If interested, please let us know through our official guild at in the appropriate thread.

If anybody has any questions, ask away in that same thread too!

More updates regarding translations soontm.

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We have just released yet another superb feature courtesy of Merlin#1337, our website wizard.
You'll now be able to find all news regarding the current, and future state of the project, along with more information within the new blog.
We look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas about the blog; we might add more to it in the near future!


Copywriter who will be apart of the community team and help create, review and edit our upcoming blog-posts, announcements and more! If you're interested in this, DM odin#0110.
Marketing Specialist who will work on strategic marketing and advertising our project. DM Rydix#1726 if you’re interested in this position.

More Updates Soon Core Team

· One min read

Heya all!

We’re so happy to announce that the Discord Resources Wiki website just got a Search Bar! This means it'll be so much easier to navigate between the hundreds of resources on the website. Unfortunately, there are some bugs with the search bar which will hopefully be resolved after we upgrade our system.

Enjoy the new changes!

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A lot of things changed the last few days, and today we are super excited to introduce...

The Discord Resources Wiki Website!

The website is synced and managed through the Wiki GitHub, meaning that any changes made on GitHub will automatically update the website! Due to the awesome release of the new website, the GitHub native Wiki will be closed down. The link to the website will be in the repo's readme, so you can still refer people to the repo without any problem whatsoever! The repo still exists, and all stars and shares are appreciated.